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Matthew Gabbard

As founder and CEO of Gabbard Advisor Group, Matthew Gabbard believes what is most fundamental to the success of the firm is a simple and powerful guiding principle: Matthew invests in people. It's Matthew's conviction that people who love their work make the best financial professionals - and ultimately offer the deepest care for their clients. That's why he's built a team of stable, intelligent, and dilligent advisors whose enthusiasm and dedication is reflected both in the bottom line and in the effect on the community. Matthew is extremely active in Big Brothers Big Sisters and serves as a member of the Kansas City Area Development Council. Matthew's passion and enthusiasm carries over into his personal life, where he can often be found sharing great food and wine with friends while traveling and exploring the world.

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Sarah Masters

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Jessica Longe

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Investment Strategies

Whether you are a young investor or a senion well into retirement, you will find the guidance and insight you need at Gabbard Advisor Group. Our Investment Advisory team works with our financial advisors to provide high quality service to help you customize a strategy that meets your goals.

Retirement Strategies

At Gabbard Advisor Group, we can help you set the coordinates for a secure retirement strategy, keeping your dreams on course. Once we have your retirement strategy in place, we can help manage things going forward, allowing for any challenges or changes of heart along the way.


Along with investing for the future and saving for retirement, securing insurance is one of the most important economic decisions you'll make. Our team of experts can help you determine how much insurance you need and what type of life insurance is right for you.

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